Civil Litigation


Strategic Advisors and Experienced Litigators.

Hunt Partners LLP is a specialized litigation firm with extensive experience in civil litigation. Managing Partner, Andrew Burns, is a skilled litigator who, along with other members of the Firm, has extensive experience in securities, employment, shareholder and partnership disputes, construction cases, complex commercial contract cases and disciplinary matters.

Strategic representation

Hunt Partners provides a strategic and managed approach to serving our clients’ interests in multi-disciplinary legal situations characterized by complex interests and civil legal risk.

State-of-the-art litigation support

The Firm has developed a unique level of expertise in the management of complex, multi-party, high volume document litigation.  This expertise is supported by state-of-the-art litigation support systems, delivered by industry leaders with a network of associated data management specialists. Associates and forensic and investigative specialists complete the comprehensive team that works together seamlessly to ensure that all litigation cases receive optimum representation.